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Strategic data
AbilitiesUnique units:
Mameluke, Archer

Algeria is a playable nation in Cossacks 3.

Background[edit | edit source]

A long time ago, Algeria was inhabited by Berber tribes. In the 7th century it was conquered by Arabs, who converted the Berbers to Islam. During the Middle Ages and in later periods, Algeria was a centre of piracy. Famous buccaneers such as Hairaddine the Red Beard, Dragut and Ulge Ali controlled the Mediterranean Sea, and a lot of European countries were obliged to pay them tributes. During the period from 1609 to 1616, Algerian buccaneers managed to capture a great number of vessels (only 446 of them were British ships). Their soldiers raided the Azores, Denmark and Norway. Pirate ships were sighted at the Elba and the Thames. In 1799, even the United States, who had just declared their independence, had to pay the pirates 50 thousand dollars plus 28 cannons, 10,000 cannonballs along with a sufficient amount of gunpowder, and to provide the buccaneers with ships and the necessary equipment.

Ottoman beys forced foreign visitors who brought their tributes to crawl under a wooden plank in order to make them bow to them. Sea piracy was legal and accompanied by the slave trade. Not just once did the European countries try to capture Algeria and smite the pirates' lair. In 1655, the British navy set sail and fought against Algeria. In 1683, the French fleet fired about six thousand cannonballs at Algiers and left the city in ruins. Five years later, in 1687, French Admiral d'Estre and a huge fleet armed with 18 thousand bombs were sent to destroy the city once again. But this time Algiers was greatly reinforced. About 100 cannons were set on the shore, while the city itself encamped 20 thousand soldiers. Civilians were evacuated to a safer place. When the siege and bombardment began, Algerian General Mesamorto ordered his troops to load the French consul and other French captives into the cannon and fire them at the enemy. The French fleet faced a serious counterattack. In 1830, the French army entered Algeria and took power in their hands.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Town Hall: (costs more stone than wood)


Barracks: (costs no gold)

-Ottoman Pikeman (wears no armour)

-Light Infantryman (high visibility)

-Archer (can destroy buildings)

Stable: (costs no gold, requires a lot of stone)

-Mameluke (light cavalry)


-Fishing boat




Can't reach 18th century, lacks 18th century barracks. Good for low peacetime games.

Strategies[edit | edit source]