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Coal Icon.png
Strategic data
PurposeSupplying ranged units, upgrades
Shortage effectRanged units cannot fire.
Buildings requiredMine

Coal is one of the six resources in Cossacks 3.

Background[edit | edit source]

Iron and coal are required for your rifles , cannon, ships and towers to fire. You will require a certain amount of iron and coal for each shot. Thorough military actions will result in a great loss of these resources. If you run out of any of them, your shooting units, artillery and towers will be unable to fire and will become easy targets for enemy troops. Iron and coal are also required to research new technology, make upgrades and construct certain types of troops.

Procurement[edit | edit source]

Iron, coal and gold are mined at deposits, identified by a large icon over the deposit (a fissure in the ground). You need to build a mine to excavate it. Mines can also be upgraded to increase their output � useful, as only five workers can be assigned per mine.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Used for fueling your war machine, ranged units and upgrades. Keep a steady supply, but otherwise let other take precedence.