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Cossacks 3 shipped with an editor by default. However, both tools are undocumented and the version accessed through the game's main menu is largely non-functional at the present.

Tips for using the editor[edit | edit source]

Courtesy EbelAngel
  1. To launch the actual map editor, don't launch it from the Cossacks 3 main menu.
  2. Instead, open the Steam Library and right-click on Cossacks 3, then select Launch Game Editor.
  3. The default map size is 256. It can be increased from 192 to 1024 (square only).
  4. The environment tools allow for snowing.
  5. To place objects or units, first add players under Advanced→Players, then use the Tool Palette under Layer→Players (Control+Alt+U) to select the player and then the item you want to place.
  6. To manipulate terrain, select Layer→Terrain (Control+Alt+T), select the brush/factor and then the operation to perform with it.
  7. To add buildings, change the player race: Go to Advanced→Players→Player Race→Select Buildings, then return to the Tool palette (Control+Alt+U) to place them.
  8. To disable/enable Peace Time hit Control+W
  9. To Disable/enable Fog Of War hit Control+F