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Formations were a very important part of early modern warfare and Cossacks is no exception. To properly manage your troops you need to employ formations.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • At least 36 infantry units (40 for cavalry).
  • 1 officer.
  • 1 musician (eg. drummer).

Formation Sizes[edit | edit source]

Infantry Cavalry
36 40
72 90
120 160

How to set up a formation[edit | edit source]

  1. Assemble the troops, officer, and musician in a common location.
  2. Select the officer.
  3. Click on the right part of the pane on the formation size you want created. The troops will automatically assemble and any overflow will remain as individual units.

Benefits of a formation[edit | edit source]

  • Management!
  • Maintaining proper formation: Column, rank, or square.
  • Bonuses to attack and defense.
  • A seperate Bonus to defense when using the Stand Ground order.