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The town is the heart of your war effort and is key to victory. Strategic choices made in setting up your town and resourcing operations.

Setting up[edit | edit source]

  • You start with 18 peasants, the most important units in the game. Before you skip straight to building the town hall, consider your location and the direction of expansion. Build your first mill close to the map's edge, away from harm's way (and to prevent your servants from getting captured).
  • Build the a storehouse right next to the nearest wood and stone deposits, then a town hall close to the area where the bulk of your economy is. Train an additional 16 peasants at first, sending 5 to cut down wood, 6 to excavate stone, and 5 as dedicated builders. Research improved grain crop treatment at the field for an instant bonus to your food production.
  • Build the blacksmith and upgrade your agricultural equipment (first upgrade), which doubles the grain field capacity.
  • With mine unlocked, claim the surrounding deposits. Build peasant teams of 5, then send them to build a mine (they automatically crew it once finished).
  • Construct the barracks, 17th century now (earlier if you suspect enemies lurk nearby, thanks to scouting with your Mark I eyeball on the worldmap).
  • Build a small detachment of pikemen and musketeers to handle immediate defense. Don't go overboard.
  • With the basics secured, build an academy, to gain access to officers and drummers (better unit performance), as well as major agricultural upgrades: Field melioration (triples field capacity), new cultures of wheat (+20% harvesting speed).
  • Build an extra 15 peasants and an extra mill to support your expansion.
  • If near population limit, construct an extra town hall (housing is less efficient).
  • With the basics secured, time to think about expansion and protection. You have a solid base to build on.

Strategies[edit | edit source]