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Strategic data
AbilitiesUnique units:
Ukrainian Peasant, Serdiuk, Sich Cossack, Register Cossack, Hetman

Ukraine is a playable nation in Cossacks 3.

Background[edit | edit source]

The territories of the formerly rich Kiev were devastated by Tatar invasion, and then fell under Polish rule. As oppression grew, enslaved peasants fled from their landlords and became Cossacks. A number of rebellions broke out in Polish territory. Some of them should be noted, e.g. the Polish and Cossack war of 1625, and the rebellion led by Ivan Tryasylo in 1630. Then a great war for the liberation of the Ukrainian people began in 1648 under the command of Bogdan Khmelnitsky. Russia joined that war against Poland in 1654. The war ended in 1657 with the liberation of several regions of Ukraine. A union treaty was signed between Ukraine and Russia. Hetman Mazepa tried to separate the country from Russia with the support of Sweden, but as Charles XII was defeated near Poltava, Ukraine gradually fell under the rule of its northern neighbour and later became a Russian region - Malorossia (translated literally: "small Russia"). The core of the Ukrainian army consisted of the Cossacks, mobile irregular troops. They successfully accomplished military missions in their struggle against Poland, as well as against the Turks and Tatars. In the twenties and thirties of the 17th century, Zaporizhzhya Cossacks became dominant over the Black Sea due to their numerous brave sea campaigns. Cossacks also took part in the Thirty Years' War as mercenaries. In the fifties and seventies, they successfully held back attacks from the Turks and Tatars. The Cossack armies played an essential role in the first (1676-1681) and second (1686-1682) Russian and Turkish wars.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

+ Their Ukrainian Peasant can't be captured except if it is in a mine.

- They don't have melee infantry except from diplomatic Center.

- Cannot progress to 18th century

Strategies[edit | edit source]